Natural Healthy Dog Treats

Delicious dog treats, made fresh to order in Lake Macquarie

Healthy Dog Treats

Do you want to reward your dog with a treat but would like a healthier more natural alternative? 

Look no further our handcrafted doggie delights will instantly brighten up your dog’s day. We use the finest, freshest, natural Australian ingredients to produce these mouth-watering treats your pup is sure to love.

  • Made fresh to order
  • Grain-free – easy on doggie tummies
  • No artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives
  • Made from all Australian ingredients
  • Hooman friendly!!!
Healthy Dog treats

“My dogs love them!”

Tasty at any time of the day

Made with natural, healthy ingredients, grain free and no nasties, our dog treats are made fresh to order so your pooch only gets the very best.

Available in two sizes

The large size approximately 200g is a great pouch for larger dogs or if you have more than one dog.

The smaller size 100g is great for a smaller dog.

Both sizes come in a handy resealable pouch.

Pouch is recyclable

Our Treats Collection

We are constantly working on new delicious flavours to add to our dog treat collection. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for all the latest news and developments.

In the meantime watch these beautiful dogs enjoying their Treat-Tastic treats.